Thereafter, it is the task of your lawyer to conduct several searches by searching the title to the property to ensure that there are no encumbrances against the property such as mortgages, liens, rights-of-way or encroachments. Your lawyer will then submit his requisition letter (title search letter) on your behalf to the vendor’s lawyer whereby he outlines any issue(s) regarding the title (or otherwise) as reflected from his searches. In addition, your lawyer will prepare the purchase documentation for signing by the purchaser and the vendor, conduct execution search against the vendor, complete the mortgage documentation after receiving the “mortgage instructions” from the lender, review the home insurance policy to be obtained by the purchaser, order title insurance, report to the purchaser with respect to any outstanding matter(s), meet with you to sign all closing documentation, arrange to close the transaction, register your title to your new property, register any mortgage and finally report to you and have you attend the office to pick up your keys.