A trade-mark is a word, symbol, a design, or a combination of these, used to distinguish the wares and services of one person or organization from those of others in the marketplace.

Trade-marks can consist of words and/or designs. Most trade-marks are typically:

opzioni binarie But what is the advantage of registering your trademark?

The Common Law states that as soon as you begin to properly  binäre optionen “use” a valid trade-mark, you have already established it as a ‘Common Law’ trade-mark. However, it is important to realize that these ‘Common Law’ rights are weak, and you may have to spend considerable amount of time and money trying to enforce your ‘Common Law’ trade-mark rights. Thus, registration of your trade-mark provides a much stronger protection of your trade-mark as it provides a  prima facie evidence of your ownership meaning that in a dispute, the registered owner does not have to prove ownership, as the onus will be on the challenger.

Another benefit of registering ones trade-mark is that your trade-mark is protected across Canada. If your trade-mark is not registered, your trade-mark rights will be limited to the geographic area where the trade-mark has been used, and you will have to prove ownership of your trade-mark to the court.

Other Benefits:

  • A registered trade-mark is a valuable asset for business expansion through licensing franchises.
  • Canadian trade-mark registration can be used to claim priority in registering trade-mark in foreign countries.
  • Registeration of your trade-mark grants you the exclusive right to use the mark across Canada for 15 years, renewable every 15 years thereafter.

It is advised that you monitor the market and the trade-mark registry to prevent others from infringing on your trade-mark.